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Passport & Visa Assistance

Philippine Passport Assistance

Tourist Visa Assistance

Service Fee: P2,300 (15 working days)



For first time applicants

1. Personal Appearance


3. MC-NSO ( for married women )

4. Valid /old ID's (supporting documents maybe required if necessary) SSS ID, Driver license, School ID, Voter's ID, CO ID& POSTAL ID


For minor applicants

1. Personal appearance of applicant

2. Personal appearance of Either parent (if legitimate)


4. MC

5. Valid Ids

6. Passport of traveling companion

7. DSWD Clearance ( if necessary )

***if both parents are abroad, submit SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY(SPA) authorizing any legal to assist the minor applicants with his/her application.


Also, an AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT AND CONSENT stating that the minor was given consent by the parents to be accompanied by WHO? These two documents must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy/consulate together with the photocopy of the parent’s passport.

Illegitimate minor applicant not traveling with mother

1. Personal appearance of applicant

2. Affidavit of consent executed by mother

3. Valid / old Ids of mother

4. Passport of traveling companion

5. Affidavit of Illegitimacy

6. DSWD Clearance

7. Cenomar


Renewal of Passport

1. Personal appearance of applicant

2. Old Passport and Ids

MC - NSO (if women change status)

UAE Tourist Visa Assistance



  1. Valid Passport -  Must be valid 6 months from the travel date. Must have signature and have at least two (2) blank pages.

  2. Passport Size Photo with white background.

  3. Copy of Birth certificate and Marriage Certificate  (If applicable)

  4. Original Bank Certificate and Bank Statement (valid at least 3 mos. upon issuance)

  5. Copy of Income Tax Return (Form 2316/ 1700/ 1701/ 1702)
  • Copy of DTI / SEC if the applicant is submitting the company ITR.

6. Copy of Valid ID

7.  Guarantee Form (to be filled up by Agent or

Relative of the client with Barangay Certificate and 1 valid ID)


Service Fee: P7,000 (3-10 working days)

Korea Tourist Visa Requirements



1. Duly filled-up visa application form 
2. Two 2x2 or passport sized colored picture (white background) 
3. Original passport ( 6 months valid) 
4. Copy of passport data page 
5. Original & copy of valid visas & arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years 
6. Original personal bank certificate:

         (must include account type, current balance, account opening date, 6 months average daily balance (adb) 
7. Original bank statement or certified true copy of passbook for the last 3 months 
8. Copy of recent personal income tax return 
9. Copy of PSA marriage contract (if travelling with spouse) 
10. Copy of  PSA birth certificate (if travelling with immediate family)


For Employee:

Original Employment Certificate (must include applicant’s position, date hired, compensation, office address and landline numbers, and e-mail address)

Copy of PRC/IBP ID (if professional)

Copy of Company ID

For Businessman:

Copy of Business Registration From Dti Or Sec

Copy of Business Permit Or Mayor’s Permit

For Student/Child:

Original School Certification

Copy of School I.D.

Copy of Parent’s Documents: Original Bank Certificate, Original Coe Or Business Documents

For Retiree:

Copy Of Senior Citizen Card Or Retirement Documents


*NOTE: Additional Requirements:

Foreign Nationals: 
- Copy of Icard

If invited to Korea 
- Original invitation letter notarized in Korea 
- Copy of 1st page of invitor’s passport 
- Copy of Business permit from Korea

If the company will shoulder the trip 
- Guarantee letter from company 
- Original bank certificate of the company 
- Copy of business documents and ITR of the company



Visa Processing Fee: P1,500 (Visa Only)

Japan Tourist Visa



1. Valid Passport -  Must be valid 6 months prior to travel date. Must have signature and have at least two (2) blank pages.

2. Visa Application Form – A4 size

  • Completely filled out and signed
  • Put application date
  • Put N/A in all spaces that are not applicable specially on page 2
  • Complete the Hotel Name/Address/Contact Details and Name of Airline

3. Photo

  • Specs: 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background
  • Pixilated, significantly low resolution photos taken by digital cameras will not be accepted

4. Original NSO Birth Certificate of Applicant – Issued within 1 year

  • If No record – provide CERTIFICATE OF NON-RECORD from NSO; Birth Certificate from Local Civil Registrar
  • If Late Registration – additional requirement is BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE and SCHOOL RECORD (Form 137)

5. Original NSO Marriage Certificate if married.

6. Daily Schedule in Japan (Tour Itinerary)

7. Original Bank Certificate (valid at least 2 mos. upon issuance)

8. Income Tax Return (Form 2316/ 1700/ 1701/ 1702) original and photocopy in A4 paper

  • Copy of DTI / SEC if the applicant is submitting the company ITR.

9. Authorization Letter and copy of Valid ID – if one of the applicant cannot personally come to file their visa applications.


For Sponsor:

1. Signed Guarantee Letter – (for individual applicants), if applicant/s cannot provide the financial documents
(Bank Certificate & ITR).

2. Include the SEC of company if submitting the company ITR

3. Explanation letter if the applicant cannot submit due to the following reason:

  • If the applicant has no Guarantor but will submit Bank Certificate
  1. Retired
  2. Housewife
  3. Senior Citizen
  4. Etc.
  5. If the applicant is an OFW.

4. Copy of Valid ID


Guarantor can be:

• Parent (either Father or Mother) – if travelling with minors or unemployed children

• Husband or Wife – if one of them is not submitting financial documents

• Immediate Relative – if the applicant is a Senior Citizen and will not be able submit financial documents

• Company - for sponsored/incentive trips

• Fiancée

Visa Processing Fee: P1,500 (Per Person) 7-10 working days

Tour, Package and Hotel Booking Prices may change without Prior Notice.

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